Stone (Winthrop E.) Hall (STON)

700 W State St, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA

Stone Hall is the administrative home for the College of Health and Human Sciences, along with the Department of Nutrition Science. Two departments in the College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology and Sociology are also located in Stone.


Built in 1954, Stone Hall is about 118,000 gross square feet. It was originally called the Home Economics Administration Building. In 1976, the building was renamed after Winthrop E. Stone, president of Purdue from 1900 until his death in 1921.


A tragic death. President Stone and his wife Margaret enjoyed mountaineering and climbed extensively in the Canadian Rockies and Selkirks.On July 17, 1921, Stone fell to his death from the summit of Mt. Eon, Alberta, shortly after being the first person to complete ascent of the peak.


Did you know? Just southeast of Stone Hall is the “Old Pump.” Once a real water pump, in place before Purdue existed, the landmark became a symbol of friendship and romance for early Purdue students.