Biochemistry Building (BCHM)

Biochemistry Building, 175 S. University St., West Lafayette, IN

The Biochemistry Building houses the Department of Biochemistry. Since its founding in 1934, the department been a core component of the College of Agriculture.


The ratio of faculty to undergraduates in biochemistry is 1:6, which means students get meaningful attention from faculty. In fact, all biochem undergraduates participate in research. Learn more about undergraduate programs in the Department of Biochemistry.


Graduate students in biochemistry experience a rigorous and creative research environment wherethey can explore opportunities beyond their primary research area through multidisciplinary work, teaching and leadership. Learn more about Purdue’s graduate programs in biochemistry.


Did you know? For historical reasons, at land-grant universities like Purdue the Department of Biochemistry is located in the College of Agriculture; at universities with a medical school, the Department of Biochemistry is typically located in the College of Medicine.