Purdue Memorial Union (PMU)

101 North Grant Street West Lafayette, IN 47906


Armstrong Mural, PMU (PMU, H-7), sub-basement level

Take a journey into the depths of PMU to find the mural of Armstrong in his space suit: A) enter the southwest entrance, B) go down the two sets of stairs, C) walk through the hallway and the first door, then D) (almost there!) turn left. The mural is on the lefthand wall about 6 feet past the hallway on the left.


The Union stands as a permanent memorial to the Purdue men and women who served in defense of their country, protecting the very freedoms that we enjoy today. It is our duty and privilege to maintain the union as a point of identification with the University and its traditions, as a community landmark, and as a symbol of the unity of spirit that transcends our individual differences.