Lilly Hall of Life Sciences (LILY)

915 W. State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907


Outer Space Tree, Lilly Hall (F-8, LILY)

In 1990, astronaut-alum Jerry Ross planted this sycamore tree, which was germinated aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis (1988), outside of Lilly Hall to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Purdue Extension. This tree is also a part of the Purdue Arboretum walking tour.


Lilly Hall of Life Sciences is 426 feet wide, 520 feet long and originally had 750 rooms. The basement, ground and three floors have 499,877 square feet. The west and east wings are separate, free-standing units joined by aluminum slip joint thresholds. The west wing was built first. Construction began in 1951 and Agronomy moved into it in 1955. Construction on the main entrance began in 1957 and Biology and Animal Sciences moved into the east wing in 1959. The building houses the departments of Biological Sciences, Agronomy, Animal Sciences, and Botany and Plant Pathology.

Fun Fact:

When Agronomy moved into the building in 1955, faculty and staff found that some office door locks were installed incorrectly. Those who went into an office and shut the door without unlocking it got locked into the office. Luckily, there was room under the door to slide a key.