Discovery Park

We live in an era of not only great promise – with exponential advances in sciences, technology and engineering – but also great challenge – with complex problems requiring comprehensive solutions. Discovery Park at Purdue University is a place where challenge and innovation converge, a hub where researchers move beyond traditional boundaries, collaborating across disciplines and with policy makers and business leaders to create solutions for a better world.

The unique interdisciplinary facilities, cutting-edge equipment and shared spaces of Discovery Park encourage collaborative projects in life and health sciences; drug discovery and development; energy, climate change, water, the environment and food security; information technology, homeland security, and simulation and modeling new materials; nanotechnology, bionanotechnology and nanomedicine; science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning; and other areas.

Nestled on 40 acres on the southwest edge of Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, the Discovery Park complex of facilities provides open, collaborative research environments where interdisciplinary projects are connected throughout Purdue, Purdue Research Park and the world.