Memorial Mall

610 Purdue Mall West Lafayette, IN 47907


Phoenix Sundial, Memorial Mall (G-7), northeast sidewalk

Purdue’s Aeronautical, Astronautical, and Engineering Sciences Department donated this small metal Phoenix Sundial, which stands on top of a 3-ft. tall stone block. Looking at this Sundial’s shadows reminds us of the amazing discoveries about outer space that have been made with sundials since at least the13th-century B.C.E. 


On the mall, you'll find students studying, enjoying the weather and spreading information about clubs and causes. This also is where the annual Industrial Roundtable takes place - the largest student-run corporate job fair in the nation, attracting more than 300 companies each September.

Historical markers on the mall include:

The Hello Walk: In the early 1900s, women curtsied and men tipped their hats to greet one another here. Today, be sure to say "Hello" as you pass someone along these walkways.

Memorial Fountain: Donated by the Class of 1894, the fountain received a facelift in the spring of 1997.

Flagpole: Received from donations during the Spanish-American War, the current flagpole was erected in the summer of 1987.

John Purdue’s Grave: Our namesake donated the first $150,000 and acquired the first 100 acres of land in order to begin Purdue University.