Elliott (Edward C.) Hall of Music (ELLT)

712 3rd Street, West Lafayette, IN


Armstrong’s Kappa Kappa Psi Pin, Elliott Hall (G-6, ELLT), basement level

Armstrong donated his Kappa Kappa Psi pin, a symbol of his honorary membership in the Purdue All-American Marching Band fraternity (1965). He wore the pin on Apollo 11 (1969). The small pin is in a glass case in the band lounge -- the 1st room on the right after you go down the 3rd St. entrance staircase and turn right.


This performing arts facility opened in 1940 with five seats more (6,005 total) than NYC's Radio City Music Hall and was designed by the same architect, J. Andre Fouilhoux. The facility is named after Edward C. Elliott (1874-1960), who served as President of Purdue University from 1922 to 1945. The stage of the hall is one of the largest in the country. Constructed in 19 months with money from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in order to stimulate jobs during the depression, it was originally built to accommodate indoor commencement ceremonies. It still serves as the site for Purdue’s commencement ceremonies, but also provides the stage for many contemporary artists who come to perform, including most recently Lady Gaga, Dierks Bentley and Kid Cudi with B.o.B. This building also houses Purdue's radio station WBAA, the oldest radio station in Indiana.