Stanley Coulter Mural

Artist: Troy Longest (Lafayette, IN)
Stanley Coulter Hall, 640 Oval Dr, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA


Earth Mural, Stanley Coulter Hall (G-7, SC), 2nd floor

Installed in 1994, the 50-ft. mural of the Earth, clouds, classical columns, and the Moon that covers the whole south-facing wall near room 249 represents the global nature of Purdue’s School of Languages and Culture, which teaches 14 languages, including Russian. Also in 1994, Sergei Krikalev became the first Russian cosmonaut to fly on a U.S. Space Shuttle. 


Located on the second floor of Stanley Coulter Hall, this 50-foot-long mural depicts a view of Earth from space. It is representative of the global nature of Purdue and its School of Languages and Cultures and also reflects the fact that Purdue’s students, faculty and staff hail from all over the world. 

The mural was painted during the summer of 1994 and is located across from a large picture window, making it visible to people outside the building.